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Car search and rental in Vilnius

Ваша семья ценит комфорт? Тогда для поездки в Вильнюс задумайтесь о прокатном авто. Удобно и то, что в городе работает несколько станций аренды авто, например: Vilnius Hotel Domus Maria, Vilnius Radisson Blu Lietuva, Vilnius airport, Vilnius zheleznodorodny Station, Vilnius city center и др.

Чтобы обезопасить себя от неприятных ситуаций, изучите систему оплаты парковок, ПДД Вильнюса и бронируйте отель с бесплатной стоянкой.

Volkswagen Polo
от 1600 руб. / сутки
Volkswagen Golf
от 1995 руб. / сутки
Ford Focus
от 1677 руб. / сутки

Лучшие цены на прокат авто в Вильнюсе

Небольшие автомобили
от 5142 руб. / сутки
Средние автомобили
от 8570 руб. / сутки
от 6856 руб. / сутки
Автомобили Премиум класса
от 3170 руб. / сутки
Большие автомобили
от 25711 руб. / сутки
Популярные маршруты в городе

We have taken into account almost all possible insurance cases, for example, road accidents, theft of vehicles, and so on. Our proposals also apply to local taxes, airport and road tolls.

There are three main factors at work here, the first of which is capacity. Renting a car will bring the greater joy, the more spacious it will be, easily accommodating both passengers and luggage.

Fuel. If you do not have long trips in your plans, our "From a full tank to a full tank" policy will suit you, allowing customers to save money.

The place where you get a car. Of course, there is an option to do this already upon arrival at the airport, but it is much more profitable financially to take a rented transport outside of it.

Our partners are not only all major international brands, but also numerous local rental companies. This allows us to expand the scope of our offers and offer attractive prices for all categories of customers. Within our availability – more than 6 tens of thousands of rental organizations around the world! To compare prices and choose the optimal car, just go to the search page and view the form.

To make a reservation, you should get a credit or debit card (if there are none), and to get a car, submit the following documentation:

  • A voucher certifying that the payment has been made;
  • One of the above-mentioned cards, the owner of which is the main driver. The funds on it should be sufficient to block the deposit;
  • The presence of a valid driver's license for each driver. Term – 1 year (in some cases – 2 years);
  • A visit to the rental company should be made with a passport or other document that can fully replace it.

In any case, different rental companies may have different requirements. Please: read them carefully.

Such information is registered in the tenant's voucher. The address data of the landlord is also indicated there. By the way, when you get a car, you can get any information from the company's managers.

Your voucher will contain the address of the rental company and information on how to return the car at the end of the rental. If you want to get more information , we recommend that you ask questions to the company's staff when you receive the car. Upon return, the car will be checked. You can leave your keys in a specially provided mailbox. Our advice: be sure to keep all the documentation issued to you.

Alas, this is not possible. The fact is that when placing an order, we made an obligation to the rental company that it will be operated for the entire rental period. The distributor, when calculating, proceeds exclusively from the initial agreements.

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