Tips for planning a family road trip to the UK.

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Many travel experts offer their tips and recommendations for planning the best European car trips. We offer you to read the posts of Marco, who runs his travel blog Thinking Nomads. Read on to find out how to plan the perfect family trip to the UK.

There are few stronger sensations in the world than enjoying an exciting journey around the UK. This country is chock-full of history, cities, countryside and lots of things to do. So how do you get the most out of this amazing trip with your family?

автопутешествие по великобритании

1. Do some research

Despite the fact that the UK is relatively small in size, an incredible number of people are squeezed into it. If you don't do any research, you risk missing out on some great moments. At first, because of the huge number of attractions, it may seem difficult to decide where to start. However, after some research, you should hope that you have a list of places that you are most interested in visiting.

2. Have a plan

At this stage, you should be able to make some kind of rough plan for your trip to the UK. An extensive road network means that route planning should be easy and can even be very exciting. Get the kids involved by asking them to highlight your route on the map. If you want to see places that are far apart - for example, the Lake District, Loch Ness and Snowdonia - then only with some planning can you decide if this is possible.

3. Watch as much as possible

Many people make the mistake of spending time only in and around London. However, if you are going to travel along the British road, then you should think about seeing as much of this glorious country as possible.

From the magnificent seclusion of the Scottish Highlands to the picturesque Welsh mountains and valleys, there are many sights to soak up and adventures to have in the UK. You can even take your car on a ferry to Northern Ireland to visit wonderful sights such as the Giant's Causeway.

4. Be ready for changes

Of course, you will also want to approach this trip with an open mind and a flexible attitude, especially when it comes to children. There is every chance that you will encounter interesting sights that will make you change your plans along the way.

Historical landmarks and tourist attractions are clearly placed in the UK, so at some point you will see a sign pointing you to a castle, palace or other place that can hook the whole family.

автопутешествие по великобритании

5. Head to the coast

Great Britain is famous for having one of the longest and most interesting coastlines on the planet. Here you will find everything from secluded beaches to historic castles, exciting coastal walks to fishing villages and surfing towns.

You'll never be far from the water on a British road trip, and it definitely makes sense to follow the coast as far as you can. The famous Antrim Coast Road in Northern Ireland and the Cornwall coast in England are some fantastic examples.

6. Example of towns and villages

There is no doubt that the largest cities in the UK are fascinating places. London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast are all very interesting tourist destinations.

However, one of the main pleasures of traveling in the UK is the opportunity to visit small towns and villages. Places like Fort William, Torquay, Abbotsbury, Bude and Chepstow will remain in your memory for a long time.

7. Get from the motorway

To be honest, probably the worst thing about a British trip is the motorway. While the motorway network offers a fast and efficient way to get around, traveling on them can be a bit boring.

Fortunately, there are plenty of smaller and more interesting roads to check out. Class A roads are sometimes quite busy routes, but Class B roads that stretch across the country are usually quiet and often incredibly scenic roads for traveling.

8. Don't rush it

Finally, if there is at least one moment in your life to relax and take your time, then this is it. Don't be fooled by the size of the map, thinking that you can travel through this small country in a week or less.

Instead, you need to take your time and spend as much time on it as possible. You won't regret a single day of your trip if you just relax, discovering the beauty and diversity of the UK.