Tips for renting a car for traveling in the Crimea.

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To rent a car seems to many an impossible task, given the number of scammers and the complexity of this issue. We will tell you a couple of secrets on how to get a good car at an affordable price without unnecessary problems.

аренда авто в Крыму

Today, car rental is a very popular service. The demand for car rental has led to a high development of this sphere and now, in Crimea, this industry is no less developed than in modern European countries. After all, it is very convenient for travelers, so car offices have made it quite easy to take advantage of the offer. Also, there is the most diverse selection of cars, of all brands, colors, sizes and other characteristics suitable for everyone. The most popular demand in 2020 is for middle-class cars, low-cost foreign cars.

I will tell you in more detail about the process of getting a car in the Crimea, as well as about some of the secrets of refueling and washing cars on this peninsula. Do not forget about the coordinates of parking lots. These simple tips will make your trip as full of memories as possible.

Car rental is of particular relevance just in 2020, the reason for this is the spread of the well-known Covid-19, which led to restrictions on travel and entertainment. Which made the car the only convenient and, importantly, the safest option for movement.

The most frequent questions of tenants

The main question is what documents are needed for the service. You should only have your passport and driver's license in your hands. And if you have booked a car via the Internet, then there is a voucher that can be shown in electronic form on your phone.

An equally important question is what kind of driving experience is needed for rent, and whether there are age restrictions. According to the average statistical data, your age should be at least 23 years old, and driving experience of at least three years. However, some companies have a service called "young driver". Which can be used by travelers over 19 years old who have at least a year of experience.

When is it better to rent a car? Naturally, it is worth thinking about this in advance, preferably immediately after purchasing tickets to the Crimea, since now it is quite a popular place to relax due to the pandemic and the closure of borders, so there is a huge flow of tourists. The demand for rental cars is growing and it is increasingly difficult to find a quality car at the right price. Reservations can always be canceled when changing plans, so it's better not to delay the search.

Which car is suitable for traveling? If you are not going to carry a large amount of cargo with you, as well as if your company is no more than five people - an ordinary passenger car will suit you. Their rent is just made at a fairly reasonable price. But, also consider your route, because there are many mountains and serpentines in the Crimea, for which you need a suitable engine capacity, at least one and a half liters.

The deposit for the car. Everything is individual here, it affects the prices of the car you choose and the tenant. On average - from five to fifteen thousand rubles.

In which cities of Crimea is the rental service most developed? The most popular place is Simferopol. And also, at the airport and train station of the city the lowest rental prices.

Prices for car rental in Crimea

Prices depend on many factors, but I will list the main ones below. Firstly, the season of your trip affects, the most expensive rental is in summer, as well as in September. For example, in October - November, the cost of a car for a day will be about 800 rubles, but in July or August - from one and a half thousand. On the example of a Nissan Almera car. The brand of the car you have chosen directly affects the rental price. The period for which you will book a car is also important, because the longer your trip is, the more profitable the service is, and accordingly the rental price per day will decrease. Also, the financial side of the issue depends on the location, different cities - different prices.

Car insurance

Options for car insurance - CTP, CASCO or Super CASCO, also consider with or without a deductible.

The most popular demand is for cars with SuperCoach insurance without a franchise, because with this option, all responsibility for the condition of the car will be on the insurance company. But it will slightly increase the rental price.

The most popular insurance options, in order to avoid high rental prices, were - CTP or CASCO with a deductible. That is, in case of an accident, in the case of the second option, you will pay only the deductible, usually in the amount just coinciding with the deposit. In the first case - in case of an accident caused by the fault of the tenant - it is he who pays for all the damage.

Take into account the differences between CASCO and Super CASCO, because in the first case, damage to tires, windows and the interior of the car is not included in the insurance.

Directly rent a car

Do not forget the basic documents - passport, driver's license and rental voucher.

Pay attention to the condition of the car, its damage, because in case of incomplete insurance, their payment can be attributed to you. The easiest option is to take a photo of the car from all angles or shoot a video.

Specify all the characteristics of the car, its mileage, the amount of gasoline. And also - the gasoline suitable for it and the process of refueling it. Check the spare tire, first aid kit, jack and balloon.

After registration of the car, you must be given the insurance, the contract, the technical passport, the car keys, the acceptance certificate and the car itself.

Rent a car in the Crimea, features

It is quite an important fact that the mileage of a car per day is limited here, about 200-300km. Exceeding the distance is naturally paid.

Also, some rental offices require a car wash before delivery. In case of non-fulfillment, there is an additional payment again, about a thousand rubles.

It is better to pay rent in cash, as tenants often have problems with bank cards.

Car delivery also often has surcharges, for example, if your request was received outside of business hours or a car is required for a long distance.

аренда авто в Крыму

Car washes, parking lots, gas stations in Crimea

In order not to spend extra money on a fine for not having a car wash before handing over a car, it is easier to find a car wash nearby with an office. After all, the fine is about a thousand rubles, and the sink is about 500 rubles or even less. With an independent car wash, you can meet only two hundred rubles.

Naturally, parking is almost always paid, because there is a huge flow of tourists in Crimea and this is an easy way to earn money. The price for a parking space varies from 200 to 200 rubles per hour. And if it is located near any attraction, then the price will rise.

Parking is free at the airport, but only for the first fifteen minutes. Then at a short-term or long-term rate.

In hotels, everything depends on the owner of the place. Sometimes you can leave your car for free, and somewhere from 50 to 200 rubles a day.

The cost of gasoline in Crimea is cheaper than the average in Ukraine, but more expensive than the average in the Russian Federation.

"Ninety-fifth" gasoline costs about 49 rubles per liter for January 2020. The cost of AI-92 will be about 46 rubles. AI-98 - costs about 50 rubles. The price for diesel is 48.17 rubles.

Please note that often cars are handed over to you with a full tank. Accordingly, when returning, you also need to fill the tank.