Enterprise Rent-A-Car car rental service.

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It is not necessary to buy a car to use it in the city or to go on a trip. There are many services that are ready to offer you any car for any needs. These services provide insurance, technical inspection and cleanliness in the cabin. Therefore, if you do not often use a car, but prefer to drive yourself, then renting a car is an ideal option. One of these is the Enterprise Rent-A-Car service. He has an excellent reputation, a lot of positive reviews and a large selection of cars for every taste.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

About Enterprise Rent-A-Car

The service operates in 169 countries and more than 6000 cities around the world. Their partners are international companies that provide cars for rent of any class, ranging from economy options to premium class limousines. The company adapts to the client and tries to meet all his requirements.

An important detail is that this service is free for users. That is, the interest for the transaction is paid by the service provider. From home, in the app you can choose and book a car, choose the time and place where it will be served. The car can be called to 15,000 points - airports, railway stations, hotels, historical centers and attractions around the world.

Advantages of Enterprise Rent-A-Car

  • The company has been in the rental industry for more than 5 years. It employs experienced employees who are not afraid to rely on.
  • All partners are carefully monitored. Only those who offered the best pricing policy are selected from the extensive list.
  • Cars can be delivered to almost any location.
  • The service works seven days a week, support is available 24/7.
  • Convenient application. You can download it for free and book cars online.

Private questions of service users

Before you rent a car, read the terms and conditions, contact support and clarify all your questions. Here are some popular points that are important to know:

How the cost is formed

The service takes into account all possible insurance situations, which include mechanical breakdowns, accidents, theft and the like. Also, the cost may vary from local taxes, airport fees and other road tolls.

What should I pay attention to first of all

There are three main points that need to be identified:

  1. Capacity. Decide how many people should fit in the car. Everyone will be comfortable if the car is spacious enough, luggage will fit in it, and people will easily fit in the cabin.
  2. The amount of fuel. If you do not expect a long trip over long distances, then an economical option for you is the "Full tank to full tank" policy.
  3. The place where to file the car. It will be more expensive to deliver a car to the airport, so explore the area around, for sure you will find free parking lots and parking lots where a car will be served without problems.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Formalities for car rental

Firstly, payment takes place online, so you must have a debit or credit card. Secondly, to receive a car, submit the following documentation: proof of payment, valid driver's license, passport. Sometimes rental companies require additional papers, they can be found on the website.

How to return the car after the rental

Such information is registered in the tenant's voucher. The address data of the landlord is also indicated there. By the way, when you get a car, you can get any information from the company's managers. Your voucher will contain the address of the rental company and information on how to return the car at the end of the lease. If you want to get more information, we recommend asking questions to the company's staff when receiving the car. Upon return, the car will be checked. The keys can be left in a specially provided box. Our advice: be sure to keep all the documentation issued to you.

Is it possible to refund money for unused time

Alas, the company's policy does not provide for this. You sign a rental agreement with a rental company, the service is only an intermediary. Therefore, the original conditions will apply under this agreement, this does not imply a change in the time of car rental.

Recommendations from Enterprise Rent-A-Car how to rent a car abroad

It's a great idea to ride along the western autobahns not by public transport, but by car, not depending on the public transport schedule. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has budget options abroad that will fit into your vacation budget. Follow these simple tips and you will be able to rent a car without any problems:

  • Official representatives of the service are located at airports and railway stations. You can find them by the name plate of the service. If you don't want to search, then there are official numbers on the site.
  • Have cash with you abroad. Not all card terminals can count, so it's better to withdraw a certain amount and exchange it for local currency.
  • When renting, specify the type of car, make, transmission option, trunk capacity, and the like. If at the time of ordering the service at the rental point there are no options with the specified criteria, the client will receive a transport of the same class or a class higher without having to pay an additional fee.
  • All fines and parking are paid by the client, and the rental company is responsible for insurance accidents.
  • When booking, specify all additional devices - a child seat, a navigator, and the like. There is a separate fee for this.
  • Be sure to take all the contacts of the manager who gave you the car. Support works around the clock, but you need to know exactly all the contact information of the company that provided you with the car.
  • It is most convenient to make a contract and a reservation on the website in advance. So you think over the budget, the route and work out all your wishes for the car.
  • There must be a sufficient amount on your card for a refundable deposit. It is frozen for the entire time of using the car, and then returned if the car is returned in its original condition.

Try car travel instead of grueling and tedious bus trips. Enterprise Rent-A-Car is ready to provide you with all conditions for comfortable trips, including bonuses, discounts and special rates on weekends. You don't have to think about how to stuff all your luggage into public transport, how to get to the festival from the bus stop, because there are no public routes further. It is also a great driving practice for those who have a license, but do not have a personal car yet.