The most comfortable way to travel around the United Arab Emirates.

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If you are going to travel to the UAE, then the most optimal way to travel around the country will be by car. Of course, it will be difficult to get here by your own private transport, so the best option is to rent a car.

The vehicle will help you not to depend on anyone. You will be able to drive yourself from the airport to the hotel, go to any attractions and not think about the time that is often not enough on excursions. In addition, you will be able to quickly move between different points. And if you are having a rest with a whole company, then this will allow you to save significantly. Excursions for several people for one day can cost as much as a week of car rental. Naturally, taxi services will cost many times more expensive than booking.

Gasoline prices here are much lower than in many European countries. There is also a well-developed driving culture here. As a rule, order reigns on the roads. Since almost everyone moves by private transport here, it is very comfortable on four wheels. The roads here are really perfect. Even being a pedestrian here is not so pleasant. And the cars themselves are usually new and beautiful. In addition, the choice of models is quite large.

Parking issues usually do not arise here. There are both paid and free ones. Hotels, as a rule, provide a parking space at no extra charge. You can also leave vehicles at shopping malls and go for walks to attractions.

Under what conditions can I rent a car? Firstly, an international driver's license is required. You can arrange them quite simply, so take care of it in advance. Secondly, your age must be at least twenty-one years old, and driving experience must be a year or more. However, in all offices, different rules and requirements may vary from company to company. It is necessary to treat the collection of documents carefully, because if something is missing or something does not fit the requirements, then you may be refused a lease or not return the deposit for the car at the end of the booking.

In addition, of course, you will need your passport and an international credit card. Moreover, your first and last name should be stamped on the card. Otherwise, you risk not getting the car. There have been cases when only credit cards were accepted, ignoring debit cards. Also, do not forget to submit an application to your bank so that they know about your location and do not block the card at the most inopportune moment. Now, of course, some banks are moving away from this practice of blocking cards, but it is better to prevent such troubles in advance. It is also important that the company may refuse you if there is not enough free money on the bank card to pledge the car.

Of course, if you were refused in official companies due to non-compliance of documents, then you can contact small offices that you need to look for. But it comes with many risks. Firstly, it is elementary more expensive. Secondly, not only money is left as collateral, but also a passport. Moreover, the money will not be returned to you immediately due to the loading of the database for fines. So, most likely, you will be waiting for a refund already in your homeland and will pay a rather big commission for international transfers. Therefore, it is better to make sure in advance of the quality of your documents and find out which bank cards and with what conditions are accepted in a particular company.

To save time, it is better to book a car in advance on the lessor's website. In addition, it is possible to take a vehicle directly at the airport and immediately drive it comfortably to the hotel. Prices are different everywhere and the longer the rental period, the lower the cost of booking per day. On average, rental prices start at $30 per day, subject to long-term rentals. But you can find it cheaper. At the same time, it is possible to drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. The prices for them can be seven or nine hundred dollars. You can compare the rental price on our website, where all official car rental companies are represented. Carefully read the terms of the lease.

When you take the car, be sure to check for damage. For reliability, you can take a video of the entire inspection procedure, so that in case of problems, they can be solved much faster and easier. Also, do not forget to take the phone of the salon so that you can contact the owners of the vehicle. In advance, you should take care of the availability of a map of the country in your smartphone or navigator. It is most convenient to buy a local SIM card with Internet support.

Fines for speeding are quite large here, and there are plenty of cameras on the roads. Therefore, study the speed limit in different cities in advance. But there are a lot of signs on the roads, so you definitely won't get confused about how fast and where you can drive. They also monitor the implementation of other rules here. For example, for talking on the phone while driving, for not wearing a seat belt or not having car seats for children, you can get a fine for a tidy sum. And for drunk driving, even deportation from the country or a prison sentence. Compliance with the rules is monitored not only by the police, but also by smart radars that are able to monitor not only the speed, but also a number of other rules.

Don't forget to take out insurance. They are different and sometimes make it possible not even to pay for the damage. This will allow you to worry less about the car. In case of an accident, be sure to call the police and call the rental office. Almost everywhere there are cameras by which you can find the culprit of the accident.