Simple recommendations for renting a car abroad in the company Europcar

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Renting a car in a Europcar is an opportunity to travel comfortably and always be mobile, without being tied to the schedule of public transport. The services of the rental company are available to everyone – there are options for any budget. Let's tell you more about this company.


Europcar is an organization that provides cars for rent on a contractual basis. It was founded in Paris in 1949. The headquarters of the company is located here. The main principle of the organization was not just to present a car for rent to the client, but to do it "without a driver". Until 2006, Europcar was owned by Volkswagen. Now it is owned by the French investment concern Eurazeo. Since 2018, the first two branches of the company have appeared in Russia. They are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Now the company has more than 200,000 cars in its arsenal. There are 2,825 service centers providing vehicle rental services around the world. There are representative offices of Europcar in 143 countries, most of them are located in Europe. But it also covers the Middle East, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and the Asia-Pacific region.
It is possible to order a car for trips around the city, and a four-wheel drive car for off-road driving. The territory covered by the scope of operation of transport is prescribed in the contract.

Thanks to a wide network of locations, you can rent a car abroad both at the airport and at the railway station, and not only in the city. The car is provided for use after signing the contract. The document records the nuances of the provision of the service, the rights and obligations of the parties. To conclude it, you need to meet certain requirements: be over 21 years old; have at least 2 years of driving experience; present your passport and driver's license to the service center specialists with personal data in English.

You can pay rent in three ways – by plastic card (except Visa Electron and Maestro), in cash or by bank transfer. But you need a bank card to make a deposit. The cost of services includes vehicle rental and insurance abroad.


The purchase of fuel for the car, parking and fines are paid by the client. It is necessary to return the transport with the same amount of fuel as at the time of its receipt. In rare cases, it is possible to make an advance payment for it.

The tenant also pays a deposit amount commensurate with the brand of the selected car – a deposit of 300-1000 euros is blocked on the card. If there is no damage to the vehicle, the funds are defrosted within 30 days.

When renting, you can agree on the type of transmission, the group of the car. But his model is not confirmed at the same time. If at the time of ordering the service at the rental point there are no options with the specified criteria, the client will receive a transport of the same class or a class higher without having to make an additional payment.

You can use a rented car to cross the borders of other countries that are located within the Schengen area. The exception is made by individual states and regions, the list of which is specified by a Europcar employee at the time of ordering.

When booking transport, you can order additional accessories for a fee: a child seat; Wi-Fi router; GPS navigator.

Almost all service centers of the company are equipped with special boxes for handing keys to the landlord. Therefore, it is possible to return the car at any time after the closure of the rental station. This information can be clarified when signing the contract.


During the receipt of the car, it is necessary to take contacts of round-the-clock support. In case of an accident on a rented transport, you need to call one of the numbers and follow the instructions of the consultant.

For short trips within the city limits, short-term rental of transport with hourly or daily payment is suitable. The company also provides a long-term car use service – for several weeks months. This option is more suitable for those who are on a business trip or planning a long trip.

The most convenient way to book a car is on our website. Thus, you will plan your budget in advance, book a suitable car option, do not spend a lot of time at the rental point, but simply sign the contract and pick up the keys.

A rental car from Europcar is a great alternative to taxi or city transport. And thanks to the extensive fleet, you can choose a car for every taste and budget - from economy to business class.