Why is it worth taking a Road Trip at least once?

The concept of Road Trip came to the traveler's lexicon relatively recently. It literally translates as a road adventure or a trip by car, which is recommended for everyone who is not indifferent to trips! Therefore, we gather a large company, rent a car and begin to conquer countries.

It is not for nothing that we said that it is worth taking a company. After all, renting a car, it will be cheaper if you share the costs for it with several people. Then it will be cheaper than traveling to other countries by public transport. But even if the trip is for two, it has its advantages.

In any case, traveling by car has a number of advantages. The most important thing is the freedom of movement. You can go wherever you want, stop at any time to enjoy the beauty, swim in the sea, take beautiful pictures, spend the sunset or visit places that are not tourist. You can drive through small towns and villages, see how the locals live. Climb higher into the mountains, or find a less crowded or more picturesque beach.

Therefore, a trip by car gives more emotions and impressions. You have a constant sense of adventure. After all, you need to plan routes in advance, navigate in a new area. By the way, many locals treat this kind of travelers favorably, so sometimes you can abandon the usual hotels and ask for a small payment or for interesting souvenirs to spend the night. Of course, there will be refusals, but there are those who are delighted with foreign guests.

In any case, a car is a comfort. By renting it, you choose the one that suits the purpose of your trip. And even if the weather turns bad, it will not affect your overall impressions. After all, in the company of friends, in a warm car and under cheerful music, nothing will spoil the mood. Many people prefer to rent car trailers. They are less maneuverable compared to conventional cars, but this is a whole house on wheels, so you can spend the night almost anywhere, if it does not contradict local rules.

Road Trip allows you to see a lot more! If we consider Europe, then in a week you will safely visit a third of major cities and tourist sites, or travel several countries along and across. It really depends on your preferences. Moreover, many travelers note that small European cities are much more interesting and attractive than large ones. And all this is only because there is no tourist demand for them. Therefore, if you purposefully go by another type of transport, this is a very expensive event. Passing through is perfect. Most of these towns cost one day. We walked along them, had a snack and continue to explore new roads and places.

In addition, if in everyday life you choose a car that meets your needs. For example, for megacities, the cost-effectiveness of consumption and the cheapness of maintenance are important. And on a trip, you can shikanut by renting a car that you will not allow yourself in ordinary life. Agree, it will be more pleasant to drive around the center of Rome or Paris in a convertible than in a Deo Matiz. Do not forget that renting a narrower class of cars will require early booking, because the demand for them is just as high, especially during the season.

No matter how many advantages and bright emotions there are from traveling by car. There are also small disadvantages.

For example, if there is only one driver, then the impressions will be spoiled for him. Even if you are an avid motorist and like to drive this type of transport, a long road can simply tire you, which may not be safe for those who are traveling with you. Therefore, the ideal solution would be to have 2-3 people among travelers who are ready to take the driver's seat.

For those who were poorly prepared or inattentive, there may be problems with fines and other additional fees. But if you study in advance the traffic rules of the country in which you are traveling, you can avoid many problems. It is also worth studying the parking rules, finding out where they are paid and free, where you can or can not leave the car, in order to avoid evacuation. Sometimes there are situations when travelers, having traveled the entire route, only at the very end learn about an unpleasant moment – how to pay for the road. But such trifles can be taken into account, everything is planned in advance.

Since you are renting a car and do not know how it was operated before you, the most unpleasant thing can happen – it is a breakdown. We warn you right away, you should not climb into the car yourself! Carefully study the lease agreement and follow it. The first correct decision is to contact the place where the car was rented by phone. Then follow the instructions that you will be offered. In most cases, they will come to you on the spot to carry out repairs, or offer another car. And in this case, you will only lose time.

Therefore, if you have not yet traveled to other countries by car, we recommend that you use the rental at least once and you will feel this freedom of travel. And if you have already had the experience of a road trip, share your impressions in the comments. Maybe there are other advantages to such an exciting journey.