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Hertz is an example of a successful car rental business. Starting with ten used cars, it has grown to seven thousand rental locations in various countries of the world. Let's tell you a little about the history of the company and what are the advantages of car rental for travelers.


The history of the emergence of the Hertz company

In 1918, Walter Jacobs founded a car rental company in Chicago. To do this, he bought several old Fords, repaired them and gave them a proper look. Jacobs' service has gained popularity, and the idea of short-term car rental has also interested others. Five years later, a certain John Hertz became a co-owner of the company. Hertz until that time, owning a taxi company, was engaged in business in the field of public transport.

The company became known as the Hertz Drive-Ur-Self System, which was later renamed The Hertz Corporation. At the same time, black and yellow color was approved as a trademark.

In 1932, the first car rental points began operating in Chicago and abroad (Canada).

In 1961, Hertz died, leaving behind a thriving company.

By the 80s of the last century, the corporation's services could already be used at 800 car rental stations. Hertz has regularly modified the car rental procedure, making it more convenient for the customer. The newest achievements of technology were actively introduced:

  • the Computerized Driving Directions sensor system, which allows you to choose the optimal route;
  • on-board navigator NeverLost, etc.

Currently, one of the largest multinational corporations for hiring cars has more than 7000 branches (branches) in more than 150 countries. Its annual turnover in 2008 amounted to $ 9 billion, 3/4 of which falls on the US market, and the rest on other countries of the world.


In which countries does Hertz offer services

Over its century-long history, Hertz has grown so much that it has become one of the main players in the car rental market. The countries in which the relevant branches of the company are located, in addition to the USA, include the countries of Europe and the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. There are also branches in the countries of the former USSR.

An extensive network of operating car rental points facilitates the search for cars and saves people time from the very moment they visit a particular country, since rental points, in addition to specific cities, are located at airports. For those who want to get acquainted with the list of countries and cities in which there are rental points, just follow the link.

Rental conditions abroad

To rent a car, you must specify the city of receipt of the car, the date and time of taking and returning the vehicle, as well as its type. The type means cars: for the family, with fuel economy, prestigious, collectible, etc.

After opening the addresses of the locations of the points, it is necessary to select the preferred rental point and then proceed to the selection of a specific car, having previously familiarized with the conditions for taking the transport into operation. The conditions indicate services that are included in the rental price (for example, insurance, station fee, etc.) and which are not included (for example, fuel, additional driver, etc.). In addition, some characteristics of the car are indicated.

Upon arrival at the station to receive the keys for the ordered vehicle, you must present a printed confirmation of registration, driver's license and a card for payment.

For customers in Europe, Hertz offers the "Europe on Wheels" program with tariffs without the need for prepayment. The tariff has the most convenient content: unlimited mileage; limitation of financial liability for damage and in case of theft; local taxes; easy to book.

The order can be made a day before the start of hiring a car, although it is recommended to do it a little earlier to guarantee the availability of a car.

The 'Europe on Wheels' tariff, which does not require prepayment, means that you can pay the full rental price after returning the car.

When selecting a class of cars, it is possible to choose the best option, taking into account the price and comfort.

The next Hertz program "World on Wheels" offers inexpensive car rental in all major destinations around the world, including Australia and New Zealand, with the possibility of hiring up to two weeks or longer. Rental prices are not just available, but even on the appropriate terms of employment, you can get discounts.

"World On Wheels" tariffs include: unlimited mileage; insured one driver; collision avoidance; theft protection; car service fee; VAT and local taxes; registration /road tax; roadside assistance (round the clock).

When using this tariff, it should be borne in mind that if the prepaid rent is returned ahead of time, no refund is made.