What do you need to know about renting a car abroad?

The car allows you to move freely on the other side. Renting a transport is not as difficult as it seems. The instructions will help you understand this case.


Where to choose a car: on the Internet or in real life?

Booking a car online saves money. It is better to do this in advance, otherwise there will be only a few expensive options left.

It is recommended to study the websites of rental companies and aggregators. The latter have lower prices. However, you should definitely read reviews on such sites so as not to run into scammers.

If the car is not provided to the client on time, the rental company must replace the vehicle with the same or with a higher class. The cost remains the same.

Network and local distributors

Local companies are good in several ways:

  • they have a favorable price;
  • a low deposit is required, or it is completely absent;
  • there are not strict requirements for drivers, sometimes cars are given to people who have not reached the established age or have just received a license.

They also have disadvantages:

  • there are few points for receiving and returning cars;
  • they are trying to extract more money from visitors;
  • a narrow range of cars, it is not known how they are serviced.

The popularity of a local agency does not mean that there will be no problems. Branches of international companies in cities differ in the quality of service. If there is a conflict, it is recommended to file a complaint with the head office.

Car rental prices

The price indicated on the websites includes only basic insurance and some mileage. You need to pay extra for:

  • full insurance, in which the driver is not responsible for damage;
  • age below the established threshold, small driving experience;
  • the "second driver" option, when people take turns driving the car;
  • using a car seat, navigation system;
  • border crossing;
  • delivery and return of the car in several points;
  • exceeding the set mileage.

When a different price is required instead of the specified price, it is worth clarifying what the reason is. Usually, the cost includes services that can be removed.

Sometimes the surcharge is deducted from the card after the return of the car. It is important to carefully study the contract. It prescribes all the pitfalls.

Insurance policies

The booking includes basic insurance against theft and damage. You will have to pay extra for the rest. It is better to buy full insurance, it costs 15 euros per day.

Requirements for the driver

Agencies take into account 2 criteria:

  1. Age. In almost all European countries, the driver must be at least 19 years old. In some places, this threshold is 21 or 25 years.
  2. Driving experience specified in the certificate. The most common are 1 and 3 years.

Companies can increase the price of rent or deposit for citizens under the age of 25 or with little experience.

How important is an international driver's license?

It is better that it is framed. The countries participating in the Vienna Convention do not want to rent cars to citizens without an international driver's license. The national certificate is not enough.

When drivers with a Ukrainian license got into an accident, they were found guilty only because of the document. In the countries that have signed the Geneva Convention, both national and international certificates are required.

Two drivers

The agency must be notified about the presence of two drivers before concluding the contract. When a driver who should not be in the car according to the documents gets into an accident, the insurance does not apply. The damage is compensated out of their own money. The second driver is subject to the same requirements as the first. For another person, you will have to pay extra from 1-2 euros per day.


Almost all distributors require an insurance deposit. Its amount is affected by the car model and rental conditions (200-3000 euros). Usually, the set amount is frozen on the client's card. They will unlock it within 30 days from the moment of returning the car.

Payment of rent

Most often, the rental is paid at the company's branch. Before that, the car is inspected, a contract is concluded. The money is debited from the card. Sometimes it is possible to pay in cash. However, unpleasant things can happen. The driver pays the rent, he is not given a receipt and withdraws money from the card specified at the time of booking. You should always ask for a receipt and not throw it away.

Returning the vehicle, the driver pays the remaining costs, fines. The notification about the latter may come several months later.


Card for rental

In most cases, a credit card is required. Due to this, a person says goodbye to bank funds for a month, and not personal ones. It is important that the credit limit is higher than the deposit fee. No interest is charged on the reserved money.

The main thing is that the card is registered to the main driver.

Conclusion of the contract

The cause of problems may be inattentive reading of the contract before signing. It is necessary to carefully study all the points, especially those written in small print. Some agencies charge a prepayment from the card when booking. It is allowed to cancel the rental and not lose the withdrawn amount only for a short period. It is best to conclude a contract that does not require payment before receiving the car. In this case, the company does not need credit card information at the time of booking.

It is necessary to take into account what is prescribed regarding fuel. When he has a full tank when issuing a car, then on return it should be the same. We need to leave a receipt from the gas station. If the driver has forgotten about this, he will be required to pay at the rate specified in the documents. It is profitable only for the distributor. In eastern countries, on the contrary, the car is usually issued with an almost empty tank.


If you get into an accident, you need to contact the police officers, as well as inform the distributor. They will tell you what to do next. If the damage is minimal, the driver goes on, and upon return gives the landlord a police report.


If the car breaks down on the way, you need to call the agency and wait for a new vehicle to arrive from the nearest branch. You can go for it yourself.

False accusations

Not all distributors are honest. Some people make false accusations against drivers. They can attribute to him the damage that was caused even earlier. To prevent this unpleasant situation, it is recommended to carefully inspect the car, take pictures of all the damage and ask to document them. When returning, you should get confirmation that the distributor has no claims.

Since the agency is provided with the card data, they can later withdraw money from it for the damage that was allegedly discovered. To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to save all documents about renting a car. If there is a rental agreement and confirmation of the absence of claims, the fine will be invalid.

It is better not to get rid of the parking receipt. It will be required if the city government mistakenly fines the driver for violating the rules. This guide will help you to rent a car in another country and not overpay. It is important to familiarize yourself with the state traffic regulations, parking rules and the availability of toll roads.