Rent a car with Budget-convenient, profitable, safe

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Budget car rental company is a popular car rental company in the USA. The company serves many countries of the world and offers the most favorable prices for renting high-quality cars. Here you can choose a car for every taste in perfect technical condition, on which you can go around all the sights you are interested in, and this is much more convenient than ordering excursions and overpaying for unnecessary service.

Аренда машины с Budget

The history of the formation of the Budget company

The firm was founded by Morris Mirkin in 1958 in Los Angeles. The company started its activity with 10 cars, then the fleet expanded to more than a hundred cars. Soon Morris Mirkin had a business partner, Julius Lederer, thanks to whom the company became known internationally. The company's head office is located in Parsippany, New Jersey. Today, the company has more than 3,400 stations in 125 countries and is part of the Avis Budget Group concern.

Conditions of car rental abroad

In Russia, the Budget company began its activities in 2018, covering Moscow, Samara, Sochi, Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, Anapa, Kazan and other major cities. The company specializes in providing high-quality economy class cars for rent especially for those who prefer to spend their budget rationally.

You can order a car rental on the official website of the company by filling out the form with the following information:

  1. desired car class (economy, premium, business), car brand;
  2. time and date of booking;
  3. date of receipt and date of return of the car;
  4. country and city;
  5. the point where the car will be delivered.

As soon as the client specifies all the data, he clicks on the "Calculate cost" option and receives the final rental price for a certain number of days. The cost will depend on the brand of the car, the number of days, as well as the seasonality. If a customer books a car in advance to travel abroad on it, he is obliged to make a deposit, which will be returned to him upon arrival at his destination. You can also make changes to the order by changing the car class, time or place of delivery online. The rating of cars is available on the website so that the client can compare their technical characteristics and make the right choice for himself and his fellow travelers.

To protect yourself in case of an accident, you should additionally order insurance, the amount of which depends on the legislation of the country where you will travel. Insurance cannot be purchased online, it is only possible on the spot before the trip.

Аренда машины с Budget

Advantages of the Budget service

The company's service meets all the necessary requirements for the level of comfort and safety of transportation:

  • all cars are inspected at least once every six months;
  • the fleet is updated every 6 months;
  • customers are invited to participate in promotions to receive bonuses and discounts for subsequent trips;
  • availability of special rates for days, weekends, holidays;
  • availability of a child safety seat for children up to 7 years old;
  • winter equipment for the car;
  • if necessary - the services of an additional driver, assistance on the road in case of force majeure;

All cars are served in perfect technical condition, with a clean interior, washed and ready for long trips. You can learn more about the additional service in the "Services" and "Applications" tabs on the website. You can also pay for car rental online through the website or in person at the point before the trip.

Before renting a car, you need to carefully read the contract, especially highlighting the points related to the responsibility of the tenant for the safety of the car. It is necessary to ensure that there are no scratches and other mechanical damages on the car, because the customer is responsible for the safety of the car.

Аренда машины с Budget

The company's fleet

The company has an extensive fleet of more than 1,000 cars of prestigious models and brands, including Nissan, Mercedes, Citroen, Reno and many others. The client can choose for himself an ordinary car for tourist trips around the city or an executive class car for business trips and meetings with partners - all at the discretion of the customer. Also here you can order a car for special occasions, for example, for a romantic trip of the newlyweds, decorated in a certain style.

Countries served by the Budget company

You can take a ride on Budget cars in the USA, Canada, the UK, in all European countries, as well as in the CIS countries. The scope of the company's activities is gradually expanding, so that soon there will be representative offices of the company in other countries in the world.