Rent a car: Covid-19 security measures and prices.

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After a number of countries relaxed their blocking rules and almost returned to a "normal" state, Almost 400 car rental service providers were interviewed to find out what COVID-19 security measures are applied to ensure the safety of customers.

More than three quarters (84 percent) of the car rental companies surveyed said they carry out special sanitization of each of their cars in all locations to protect the well-being of their customers.

Аренда авто: Covid-19

In addition, more than one-fifth (27 percent) of companies offer additional COVID-19 protection, such as antibacterial gel and wipes, or face masks and gloves to customers in their cars completely free of charge.

Gel: 60%

Mask: 46%

Napkins: 17%

Gloves: 10%

Meanwhile, 12 percent provide them for an additional fee.

Car rental service providers have shared that they disinfect and disinfect the entire car, from the steering wheel to ventilation or radio systems. They also take measures to follow the rules of social distancing in their points. They continue to disinfect and cover steering wheels and seats with plastic, while car keys are issued to customers in plastic bags.

Some providers, depending on where they are based, since every government around the world has different rules, ask customers to sign a document stating that they have no symptoms of coronavirus or that they have not been in contact with anyone who has had them. Service providers in some countries require a doctor to certify that the client does not have coronavirus.

If the customer claims, when dropping off the car, that at the time when they used the vehicle, they began to experience symptoms of the coronavirus or were in contact with someone who showed such symptoms, the car is quarantined. After the end of the quarantine period, the car is sanitized and rented out again.

Covid-19 protection is the third most popular customer request in the Discover Cars booking system. This happens immediately after the automatic transmission and the air conditioner.

Automatic Transmission 10%

Air conditioning 4%

Covid-19 protection 4%

Unlimited Mileage 3%

Diesel 3%

Zero Deductible 2%

Additional driver for free 2%

4x4 2%

Manual Transmission 2%

Instant Confirmation! 1%

Аренда авто: Covid-19

Online registration, where possible, and contactless data transfer are also very much increasing among customers.

Alexander Buraks of Discover Cars said: "Protecting the well-being of all customers and ensuring that they can rent a car during this period without fear of infection or threat to their safety is of paramount importance for all car rental companies.

"Our survey reassuringly shows us that the broader car rental industry is taking this health crisis extremely seriously and is taking steps to ensure that people are protected from the risk of contracting Covid-19 to the best of their ability.”

Coronavirus affects prices

As a result of the current health crisis, car rental prices have fallen worldwide. The biggest drop occurred in Sweden, where the average car rental price in 2019 was 81 euros compared to 35 euros in 2020, which represents a 57 percent decrease.

Then there was Canada, which rose from 48 to 25 euros (48 percent). The third place was taken by the Portuguese island of the Azores, which amounted to € 36 to €20 (44 percent).

The least affected countries are Poland, which rose from 20 to 19 euros (five percent), New Zealand- from 19 to 18 euros (five percent) and Iceland - from 64 to 56 euros (13 percent).

Norway was the only country to see an increase in rates, with the average car rental price being 68 euros in 2019 and 77 euros in 2020, representing a 13 percent increase.